Preparing For Your Spirit Communication Reading 


When getting a reading you should have an idea of what you hope to get out of it while still being open to whatever comes through for you. I would like to note that curiosity alone is not a good reason for getting a medium reading.

If there is a loved one you want to hear from it is recommended that you invite them to attend the reading (after all they are no different then us and they will appreciate being asked). You can talk to them and they CAN hear you.

You should plan to keep notes during your reading. Should information not make sense immediately you'll be able to verify it later. Some people have reported information coming true up to a year or two after their reading so DO keep your notes.

Be open and know that not all readings will be the same. Some will offer vast amounts of validation while others offer practical advice. The medium cannot tell the spirit world what they should talk about and definitely cannot make them communicate.

Loved ones in spirit only have a certain amount of energy to expend and will do their best to communicate as much as possible within that time. They may even have a script of things they plan to relay and may even refuse to stray from that script even if we ask them to. Others will be open to answering questions on  the all depends on them. Allow your loved ones coming through to choose their own validation, don't force them to give you exactly what YOU want. Again,  they are very much people too.

Always be honest with your reader and never attempt to test or fool them. Spirit people will shut a medium down and refuse to speak if they know an intention isn't good.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your reading please DO NOT wait for an hour to pass before letting your reader know. Within the first 15 minutes of the reading you should feel if the reader is connecting or not. If  no,t and the reader has not stopped the reading, then the reading should be stopped by you.

In some cases the energy simply is not right for a reading to take place. This can be due to many or the reader may be getting ill, you may be stressed from a long day, there may be an outside issue in the environment or even a person near you who has a bad attitude toward psychic readings. There are many reasons why psychic energy can become disrupted. It is best to stop a reading and reschedule in those cases.  In the rare instance where a connection simply cannot be made the reading fee will be refunded.

You should always let your reader know how many other persons you plan to include in your reading and if those guests are related to you or not. Unrelated guests in attendance may result in reading multiple families or your guest being read instead of you.

Try to have a good idea of your family tree on all sides of the family including your spouse's.  Know that any connection a spirit person has to you, even if you never knew that person personally when they were alive, will afford them access to your reading and an opportunity to get a message to their loved ones.

Remember that it is not uncommon for people being read to fail to connect names and other information while the reading is taking place. Many times it will dawn on them later when they are not focusing so hard. It is wise to give information a chance before assuming it is not valid