Statement Of Ethics


"I understand the impact and tremendous power of this ability to affect people and their lives, therefore my intention must be to always help and never to harm.


I will never offer advice or information that is not in accordance with legal or divine spiritual law.


I understand that validation is the core purpose of every reading I perform.


I will not use spiritual mediating for selfish gain.


I accept that I am human and capable of misinterpreting information and will remain humble in knowing and abiding by my own limitations.


I will never use medium ability to diagnose medical illness or to give holistic/spiritual advice outside of my area of knowledge.


I vow to always keep integrity in my work and to represent spiritual communication and spiritual healing in only the most positive light."



CJ Sellers





All readings are kept confidential.


Information will not be shared without client permission, including comments.  


At no time will we sell or give away your personal information.


Payments are made securely through PayPal. (We will never ask for bank or credit card information.)

Satisfaction Guarantee & Refund Policy

In rare cases where I am unable to establish a clear connection I will reschedule and re-perform the reading at no additional charge. If I am unable to make a connection for you after a second reading (with the exception of issues caused by poor cell phone reception)  you may request a full refund.  Refund requests must be received no more than 24 hours from the time the reading occurred. Refunds are given via PayPal only.