Introduction To Medium Readings with CJ Sellers

It is important that people interested in getting a reading are able to distinguish a medium reading from a psychic reading. What are the differences between the two and which one is best suited to your needs? Basically it can be said that all mediums are psychic, are highly sensitive and able to pick up on energy from the surrounding environment. In fact, psychic ability is a natural sensitivity most people have to one degree or another. People who are highly sensitive in this area tend to be better at picking up on subtle cues in their environment, therefore finding it easy to read energy concerning others. Psychic readers are good at seeing things about yourself or others that you may not be aware of. However, simply being psychically sensitive does not mean having the ability to pick up on spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is lighter than physical energy and much harder to connect with than physical or environmental energies around us.  The ability to sense higher spiritual energy requires a keen awareness of vibrational energy. Since persons in spirit are made up of rapidly moving vibrational energy, they find it easiest to communicate using this subtle energy. Spiritual mediums tend to have a more acute sensitivity to this vibrational energy making it possible for them to see, hear and feel things from persons in spirit which others are unable to sense. Medium ability can be summed up as the ability to act as a go-between for the physical world and the spiritual world. A medium receives messages from crossed over loved ones, interpreting and relaying those messages to the person they are reading for to the best of their ability. The question is whether or not a medium reading suits what you are looking for in a reading. If you are not interested in spiritual connections and hearing from crossed over (deceased) loved ones then a medium might not be the best choice for you.


 Guidance & Insight


Many people seek answers to life's questions, are looking for guidance and direction, are unsure if they are on the right path or are seeking insight concerning a decision they need to make. Can a medium reading help with these specific things? The answer is yes! But it needs to be noted that before a medium can begin to receive answers for you, they first must establish a good connection with those on the other side who can answer those questions. A medium relies on information they receive from the spiritual world. This means the medium must be allowed to connect with those in spirit who are connected to you before they will be able to bring across the answers you seek. Remember the answers will come from your spiritual guides and from your loved ones on the other side.




Being Open To Readings


 If you are mentally and emotionally disconnected from the outside world a medium will not be able to make an initial connection which is required in order for the medium to do his/her job. It is only after this initial connection is established that a reading can flow properly and smoothly. Lack of spiritual openness on the part of the person being read for and an unwillingness or disinterest in hearing from persons in spirit will prevent the medium from making a connection, in turn making it difficult if not impossible to offer the answers and insights the medium would otherwise be able to bring through. Intense grief and illness may affect your ability to be opened to a reading, this is natural because your body is protecting itself from overwhelm while healing is occurring. Please be aware of your emotional or physical state prior to your reading and reschedule if necessary. The medium will rely on the person they are reading for to be open to and able to confirm that the spirits the medium is connecting to on the other side are indeed their loved ones. Once this initial connection is established it is amazing what our loved ones in spirit are able to tell us.