Why do you charge a fee for readings?

Some people feel that a spiritual gift should not be used for material gain. In a perfect world this might be true. However, in this world we all have bills to pay. Even ministers of churches are provided for materially by their church because they too have to survive and provide for their families. Anyone who says charging money for using this spiritual gift is wrong is unaware of the impracticality of that statement. If I did not charge for readings I would not be doing readings very often if at all, I would be putting my time and energy into a secular field where I am afforded to provide for myself and my family. Also, imagine if a doctor did free house calls for everyone or if you didn't accept payment for your own work, how long would it take for others to take advantage of your time and energy? Charging a fee places value on our work, time and energy, that is a right we all share. The amount I charge reflects the amount of energy it takes for me to offer these services. In order to give quality readings on a regular basis I do only one reading per day no more than four days per week. Yes, that is how much spiritual communication can drain a reader. If I were able to do this full time I would charge less but in this work the quality has to remain far more important than quantity.

Is it OK to record my reading?

Absolutely! Although I do not offer recording of readings I welcome and encourage you to use your own recording device during your reading. Also be sure to have a pen and paper available to take notes too, this will come in handy during your reading.


Can I ask questions during my reading?

You may be invited to ask questions during the reading. It is a good idea, however, to have your questions written down prior to your reading and to wait and see if those questions are answered without having to verbally request the answer.


How much information will you need from me before and during the reading?

In almost all cases very little information is needed other my client's initial contact information, what areas they would like me to focus on during the reading and whether or not the information being given to me is making sense or not. All legitimate readers prefer not to require much if any foreknowledge from the client. However, not in all cases is it wise or appropriate for a reader to answer a question or offer guidance blindly.  There may be unusual or special circumstance which require me to have a thorough understanding of a situation before I am able to understand a messages concerning it. So, on occasion, I may have to ask for a better understanding of a situation. If this happens it is in order to provide protection to me as the reader and to assure there are no misunderstandings that could in any way cause harm to my client. Should I need to ask for more details it will never be without good reason and not until a good amount of validation has already been given.

Can I invite particular information concerning loved ones to come through? 

You may invite messages concerning your life path or concerning loves ones  to come through, though we do ask that you remain open to all of the information received during your reading. You may receive a message for someone else connected to you who is also in need. It's best to remain open and willing to receive whatever comes through.


What does "validation" mean?

Validation simply means proof of medium communication, information a psychic medium could not possibly otherwise know.


Can I choose the validation I want to receive?

Validation that is forced or highly expected will be the least likely validation you will get. I know, this seems counter-intuitive but there is a reason  for this being the case. If all readings were controlled by the client's desired messages a great amount of true validation and meaningful messages would never get heard.  Readings are protected from that influence and kept in the control of spirit, where it needs to be. A medium cannot control or force what is given to them during a reading and pressuring them to fetch the information you want will disrupt the flow of energy they are receiving on your behalf. In order to keep communication open I cannot allow the client to control or demand what information comes through. I must trust spirit knows what is most important and meaningful.


How often can I get a reading?

There is no rule when it comes to how often you can get a reading except that you should never become reliant on or addicted to psychic readings. The average wait time between readings for most people is three to six months. Too many unnecessary readings will result in wasted money and will bring a disappointing result. However, life changes and special circumstances may warrant more frequent readings. This must be based on your own best judgment. I am bound by my ethics to prevent clients from becoming overly reliant upon readings. Even if someone is dishonest with me about how often they are being read this won't change the likelihood that nothing will come through.  

How do I cancel an appointment?

If you made the appointment with BookedIN than you will have received a "cancel appointment" link in your confirmation email. Once cancelled you will receive and automatic refund.

How do I pay for my appointment?

Our preferred method of payment is credit/debit card or echeck through Paypal. Payment for BookedIN appointments are made using the Paypal link sent from BookedIn with your confirmation email. Please be sure to add to your email safe list.