Grief, Loss and Readings                   

Grief is an important key to healing from a loss. I am careful not to interfere with that healthy process. Readings are not a way to avoid the pain of grief, rather they help to assist persons in working through that process. A reading is a tool that can be used to strengthen our faith and aid in better self-understanding during difficult times.

  Readings are not a replacement for professional therapy. A therapist is trained to confront complicated issues caused by mental, physical and emotional trauma or illness. Grief and loss can be both traumatizing and complicated for some. If you are finding that grief or sadness is interfering with normal daily activities, you are feeling increasingly depressed or unable to cope or you are having thoughts of harming yourself you must absolutely seek immediate help, do not wait! Speak with your physician, call a crisis help line or contact a grief support group. If it is a matter of suicidal thoughts and none of those options are available please call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room, they are trained to help you find the help you need. Please do not fear they will put you away or worry you are crazy. I assure you anyone can struggle with grief and or depression.  Depression is a common ailment that many people from all walks of life suffer with, so do not feel you are alone, broken or weak for needing help. Grief that becomes complicated due to extenuating circumstances can be very difficult to navigate through alone. Pleas allow yourself the support and guidance you need.

Grief and Loss Due To Suicide

Loss due to suicide is especially traumatizing for individuals and families. I know this because I share this difficulty with others who are survivors of suicide. I  lost a dear family member through suicide. It cannot be stress enough... this is not like any other loss! It is unimaginably painful. Let me assure you that if you have experienced a loss due to suicide you are not alone in your suffering. I know from experience that the best thing we can do for ourselves in this situation is to surround ourselves with love and support. My own difficulties brought me to  contact a suicide survivors support group. There I found others who understand exactly what I was going through, an "abnormal" loss. We as human beings are able to cope with death as it is a part of life but we are not hard wired to deal with someone taking their own life. This makes coping far more complicated. The stages of grief experienced can differ a great deal from the "norm". It can be harder to find support from family or friends who are either uncomfortable with the subject or unable to fully understand what you're going through. I strongly suggest contacting a support group where you will find the love and support of those of us who have shared the loss of a loved one through suicide.

Even if you are not experiencing a major crisis, in times of great stress and or loss having extra help cannot hurt, so I encourage you to seek out therapy or a support group.

National Suicide Hotline
Call 1-800-273-8255

Helpful Links

Crisis Call Center 1 (800) 273-8255